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The new paradigm calls for transformational leadership.  This involves the transition from charismatic, emotionally intelligent leaders to leaders who work using quantum thinking.

They are Connective Leaders and create environments in which they engage their people in co-creating the future of their organisations.  These leaders propel their organisations to a new level of success that is not defined by purely achieving financial goals but by creating organisations that recognise their responsibility to their people, the communities in which they operate and to the planet.  These thriving organisations regard themselves as successful when their people realise their full potential and feel fulfilment and as a result create financial success that secures their future.

Bringing about such a transformation in organisations starts with the personal transformation of leaders; part of this transformation has to do with their way of being.  Connective Leaders are fully present and centred, their energy is expansive, they are connected with who they are, their purpose, passion and potential and crucially, they are aware of their interconnectedness.

Connectiveness supports leaders on their transformational journeys through:-

One to One Coaching

One to one coaching programmes with individual leaders working with the leader to identify their next level of potential and what this means for their leadership journey.  We then devise a tailored coaching programme to support the transformational leadership development required to realise this potential.

Team Coaching

“Team coaching is a process by which a coach works with the whole team in order to help them improve their collective performance and how they work together, and also how to develop their collective leadership to more effectively engage with their key stakeholder groups and jointly transform the wider business.” Peter Hawkins

We identify the next level of potential for the leadership team and devise a tailored coaching programme to support the collective realisation of this potential.  Often this involves getting the team to the stage where they access a state of flow, enabling them to become a high performing team.

Group Workshops

We run open and in-company workshops for leaders and their teams.  The aim of these workshops is to share with leaders a series of techniques that help them access the key qualities required for transformational leadership.  These techniques enable leaders to become fully present, in-flow and connected to their full potential.  We support them in integrating these techniques into their day to day work as a leader thus enhancing their ability for transformational leadership.

A key aspect of organisations that are connective is creating a Corporate Community with a cohesive culture based on a shared vision and set of values.  At Connectiveness we are experienced in designing and facilitating values based transformation in organisations. For more information on this and any of our services please contact us using the Send box at the bottom of this page

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