“It’s time for coaches to stop playing small and to rise to the challenges, opportunities and urgent needs that the global crisis presents.” Sir John Whitmore 2008

As coaches we have influence through the leaders we coach. We can make a dramatic difference to their organisation and through that on a wider scale. We are being called on to be transformational.

What is transformational coaching? It is an area of coaching that sits to the far right of the coaching spectrum and one that our clients are becoming more interested in. Organisations now realise that in order to survive and thrive they need to be able to transform to meet the ever changing needs of their business challenges, environment and society as a whole.

A new breed of transformational leader is emerging; we call these leaders Connective Leaders. These leaders are capable of identifying their own bigger purpose or vision and embarking on their own transformational journey to bring that to fruition. As coaches our role is to support leaders on their and this requires us to go through our own and to model a different way of being for our clients.

In our opinion this shift in the needs of our clients is bringing with it an evolution in transformational coaching. Our response to this is Connective Coaching – coaching at the Quantum level. This involves working at all levels including the energetic level to bring about transformation. Working energetically involves the coach taking themselves on a journey and experiencing themselves and their clients as a field of potential available for realisation. What we offer to coaches through workshops and one to one coaching includes:-

  • sharing with coaches a series of techniques that help them to access a state where they are relaxed, fully present, in flow and connected to the whole of their being so that they are able to access their intuition and creativity
  • supporting them to integrate some of these techniques into their existing coaching practice and enhancing their ability to work transformatively, resulting in more powerful and enjoyable client sessions
  • showing coaches how to connect with the energy of their own passion and potential in relation to their coaching and also how to achieve this with their clients
  • facilitating them to experience personal breakthroughs during the session, whilst simultaneously learn to apply techniques in their coaching which will create an environment in which their clients experience breakthroughs

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