What clients say

A great variety of clients work with us from all sectors:

Our work is applicable to any individual no matter what position they hold or life situation they are in.

This is what some of our clients have said about our work:-

One to One Coaching

“I have been offered the role of Director of Finance and IT, thank you for all your help, you really made a huge difference”.

Head of Finance, Housing Association, face to face coaching

“I have felt my coaching as being transformative. Prior to the coaching I was not operating to my full potential. I feel so much more alive, energised and back to my full power. My limiting beliefs have gone. That has made such a difference to how I was 4 or 5 months ago.”

Female, Senior Civil Servant, early 40’s, London based, telephone coaching

Group Workshops

Transformational experience and relevant to my coaching practice/identity.

Very thought provoking and interesting way of connecting bodywork and coaching. Will give me courage to try some different things with clients.

“We need to learn more about what we are fundamentally as people – leaders don’t connect until they think about this stuff and break boundaries of what is their comfort zone.”

This will develop coaching. Energetic and passionate.

Relaxing, fun and grounding. Very sensitively and expertly delivered”

Very relaxing, yet energizing. I felt expanded and internally spacious as if I’d had an internal de-cluttering treatment.”

Team Coaching and Values Based Culture Change Programmes

“Visionary thinkers who always bring a new perspective to any discussion. They are passionate about what they do and always enthusiastic, even in the face of the inevitable organisational difficulties and delays. They always find a way to get things done. Their understanding of change and transformation at an individual and group level and excellent coaching skills have been invaluable to this programme. We look forward to continuing to work together on transforming our culture so that our people can consistently deliver our brand promise.”

Global Brand Strategy Manager, International Chemical Company

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