Our Vision

“Through quantum thinking we can transform our views and perceptions to see the interconnectedness of all beings and events.  If we can re-vision our personal realities, then we can change the way we do business and if we can change the way we do business, then the shift will ripple into all of our potential realities.” Gabrielle Hilburg

Our vision is to support individuals and leaders to expand into their full potential, passion and brilliance.  In turn they will have a ripple effect transforming the teams, organisations and communities to which they are connected into environments in which everyone enjoys  fulfilling lives leading to the creation of a vibrant new world.  We are guided by our values of trust, passion, vision, love, integrity and balance and a belief that everyone should have the opportunity to liberate their full potential.

Connectiveness encourages those we work with to access Quantum leadership and Quantum intelligence (QQ).  In this way they become more aware of the ‘big picture’ for themselves and the universe and their place and purpose in it.  Using QQ has the power to transform our life, civilization and the planet.

In the Western World we are in the process of transitioning from the industrial revolution paradigm which is about individual greed; growth and man dominating nature, to a new paradigm about health and wholeness, communication, community and creation.  In this new era we believe that successful businesses will create environments that are open and dynamic thus becoming Connective Organisations.

This transition calls for transformational leadership based on Quantum Intelligence.  These emerging leaders conceive environments that propel their organizations to new levels of success not defined purely by achieving financial goals but also by the level of fulfilment of their people.

Quantum Intelligence (QQ) springs from the principles of Quantum Science which has taken some of the conventional mystique out of the understanding we have now of how our universe works.  A key element of this understanding is the energetic nature of all things; that everything is inter-connected and made of energy.  In terms of QQ, energy or potential is converted into solid existence or brought into reality only when we engage with it.

Our inspiration is motivated by the belief that by connecting with our energy field and using the energy around us we can develop greater awareness, tap into our creativity, vision and passion, enable the realisation of our own potential and establish a connection to the potential in others.  By living with this greater awareness and being connected to the world in this way we have the ability to access a heightened, level of intelligence; QQ.

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Watch us in action talking about the transition from the old to the new paradigm.

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