Do You Energy Manage?

POSTED August 23 2010 BY Sue

It’s so simple, fun and powerful making all the difference to enjoying our lives!

Are you aware of where your energy is now?  Can you feel any sensations in your body?  Do you notice that different thoughts produce different energy?  That you experience that energy as feelings both emotionally and physically, not only that but the world around us also receives these same signals.

We don’t always realize it but we are in charge of the energy that we generate and consequently how we feel and what we put out there moment to moment.

Our bodies simply react to stimulation – when we taste something we have a reaction and have feelings both emotionally and physically.  It’s the same with our thoughts, when we think certain thoughts our body is stimulated to react.  Some thoughts make us feel lighter in our emotions and more relaxed in our bodies and some heavier and more tense.

Ultimately, the beauty is that we can let go of any thought at any moment and choose another – it’s that simple!  Don’t believe me try it and let me know what happens.

This means we can not only be responsible for the way we feel but also what we put out into the world around us.  We have all experienced what goes round comes round!

It’s so simple, and fun; try it out, watch your thoughts let some go, pick another see what happens, and remember you are your energy master!