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The Connectiveness organisation is a partnership directed by Sue Coyne and Penny Mallinson.   They bring a diverse set of skills and experience as leaders of businesses, in coaching and in energy and body work.

Using their combined wealth of experience they work together professionally delivering the Connectiveness programmes and tailor-made sessions for groups and individuals.  They offer their expert guidance and full support, adding tangible value so that every client gets the most out of this work.

Sue Coyne

Sue spent 20 years as a director and shareholder of a market research agency.  During this time she introduced a coaching culture and was mentor to several senior people within the organisation.

Following the sale of the market research business in 2002 she connected with her passion for helping others to realise their full potential.  She applied this to herself starting a journey of self discovery and transformation.

Sue started coaching in 2003 focussing on helping her clients to connect with themselves; their values and purpose and find ways of living them in their work and day to day life.  She completed an Advanced Diploma in Executive Coaching (accredited by the ICF) along with additional courses in Gestalt and Somatic Cognitive Coaching, both of which form an important part of her coaching approach.

Sue also coaches leadership teams and is currently studying for a Masters level qualification in team coaching, one of the first available in the UK.

In addition Sue works with organisations to develop values based cultures and is accredited to use the Cultural Values Assessment tools of the Barratt Values Centre.

She is also qualified in massage and other forms of bodywork.

Sue has always worked in a transformative way with her clients but over the last few years she has found that her coaching approach and her experience in bodywork have come together to create a connective approach to coaching.  She experiences this as coaching from an expanded level of consciousness.  Sue’s vision is that coaching in this way will contribute to an emergent global movement to change the nature of businesses, organisations and their leadership.

Penny Mallinson

Penny worked as a successful executive and leader in a variety of industries including retail, cosmetics and in the social sector, aided by an MBA.  Then, her natural curiosity led her to study self-development in many forms, from Psychosynthesis at the psychological level, to the scientific and quantum level.

She is a director of various NFP’s in the area of education and self-development, a mentor to executives and works with diverse groups from young offenders to Boards of Directors.  She has been involved in body and energy work for 15 years and is an experienced facilitator in this field.

During her years in industry Penny spoke at many internal and external conferences.  She facilitates small and large groups and recently a transformative programme in prisons for young offenders which has proven to be a great success in helping these prisoners to move on in their lives.

She is passionate about this work because of the enjoyable and powerful effect it has had on her ability to connect with herself, others and the world around her and also because it is fun to practise.  In her work and personal life she has experienced first hand the impact that these techniques can have in transforming situations, harnessing potential and creating fulfilment.

Penny is a mother of two beautiful girls and has lived and worked in Singapore, Australia and America, giving her a wealth of experience in different environments and a refreshing open mindedness.

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